1st open RIGHT seminar -

The influence of context on software development practices:

From product design to release planning and process improvement


Photos of the Participants



RIGHT the Content & Objectives of the Seminar. Kari Smolander, Prof., LUT.



The influence of Context on Software Development Process (additional material: Context). Alexandre Bern, Project Manager, LUT.




Observations on Cooperation in Case Companies. Pasi Juvonen, Project Manager, SCP.



The effect of business orientation on software testing. Ossi Taipale, Project Manager, LUT.



Redocumentative Methods in a Software Product Development Organization. Seppo Iivonen, System Engineer, Informa Oy.



Software Development and International Product Business. Sami Jantunen, Researcher, TBRC.



Project Management Problems in Multi-Vendor Software Projects Outsourcing. Arcady Khotin, CEO, Ardin Software Oy.