PICKING - Detection of Paper Surface Defects

Picking example
Processed picking image


This project is a sub-project of larger industrial research project Papvision. The goal of this sub-project is to review and revise existing, and develop new methods for an automatic detection of picking and other surface defects from a printed paper surface, for example, from IGT picking assessment samples. The main goal is to propose new hardware and software solution which meet the industrial requirements for accuracy and reliability.

View film of Picking measurement system (Patent application #FI20050051):
Picking film logo Windows media (WMV) - low resolution (3.5MB) Windows media (WMV) - high resolution (12MB) MPEG1 - high resolution (21MB)



Prototype system for automatic inspection of IGT Picking strips is ready (see video) and research continues.

Contact information

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Jarkko Vartiainen E-mail WWW Graduate researcher
Alexander Drobchenko E-mail WWW Graduate researcher
Joni Kämäräinen E-mail WWW Post-doc researcher
Lasse Lensu E-mail WWW Project manager, post-doc researcher
Heikki Kšlvišinen E-mail WWW Director, professor
Pasi Saarinen E-mail WWW Industry coordinator


Source code

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Data sets

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Do not hesitate to to contact authors (e-mail, etc.) in order to retrieve copies or reprints of the following publications.

  1. Articles in international scientific journals with referee practice
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  2. Articles in international compilation works and in international scientific conference proceedings with referee practice
    1. Drobchenko, A., Vartiainen, J. Kamarainen, J.-K., Lensu, L., Kälviäinen, H., Thresholding Based Detection of Fine and Sparse Details, In Proc. of the IAPR Conf. on Machine Vision Applications (Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2005), 257-260.

  3. Scientific monographs
    1. Drobchenko, Alexander, Automated Picking Assessment Using Machine Vision, MSc (Diploma) thesis, Lappeenranta University of Technology, 2004. (PDF 1.3M)

  4. Other scientific publications
    1. Drobchenko, A., Vartiainen, J., Kamarainen, J.-K., Lensu, L., Kälviäinen, H., Thresholding Based Detection of Fine and Sparse Details, Research Report 99, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Department of Information Technology, 2005. (PDF 1.3M)