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 ContentsSimpleGabor Toolbox - Simple (Multiresolution) Gabor feature
 getargsGETARGS parse variable argument list into a struct
 sg_createfilterbankSG_CREATEFILTERBANK creates Gabor filter bank
 sg_createfilterf2SG_CREATEFILTERF2 - creates a 2-d Gabor filter in frequency domain
 sg_demo01SG_DEMO01 Demonstrates the SimpleGabor Toolbox funtionality
 sg_filterwithbankSG_FILTERWITHBANK - Gabor filtering with filterbank
 sg_filterwithbank2SG_FILTERWITHBANK2 - Gabor filtering with filterbank
 sg_plotfilters2SG_PLOTFILTERS2 displays Gabor filter bank
 sg_solvefilterparamsSG_SOLVEFILTERPARAMS solve Gabor filter parameters
 sg_versionSG_VERSION - Version string for SimpleGabor toolbox

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