16th Summer School on Telecommunications

Code Camp


Code Camp is aimed mainly at students interested in software development. The Camp begins on Thursday evening and lasts for the following 24 hours. It includes 24 hours of intensive programming.

Please bring your own sleeping bags and towels! Sauna and some snacks will be provided. If you have a personal laptop, we suggest that you take it with you as you will be working in teams.

Extra for students: 2 credit points for active participation during the 3 day event. Requires returned programming assignment and a half-page report of each presentation of the Summer School. The work done in the code camp will be evaluated after the code camp. All reports on the presentations must be returned no later than one week after the event, August 24th.

Each student must sign up in order to get the credits. This must be done during Wednesday morning at the info-desk.

The best work done during the code camp (based on application, idea or implementation) will be awarded. The "Codecamp spirit" will play a role in award selection also. Code camp spirit is about sharing knowledge between participants, preferring common good to own benefit.


We have selected a combination of two themes for the topic of the applications, themes being "studies" and "community". Applications handling these themes will be encouraged and will get a special status when deciding success of an application.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and Maemo application development platform has been selected as the programming environment. Maemo is a development platform to create applications for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and other maemo compliant handheld devices. More information can be found from www.maemo.org.

We have a few Nokia 770 devices to use by the participants, as well as desktop computers with Scratchbox & Maemo SDK programming environment.

A tutorial is available, even though I have made it for another use, it's mostly valid for this codecamp also.

Device and software specification

If you would like to install software on your own device, here's specs of the software.

  • Maemo version: OS2006 , Maemo 2.0 (Rootstrap is needed in Scratchbox)
  • Scratchbox 0.9.8
  • (maemo 2.0 requires this old one) - create targets for both i386 and armel

Winning team of the Codecamp 2007 are Martijn De Jongh, The Neatherlands; Vladimir Dochev, Bulgaria; Tsvetomir Tsvetanov, Bulgaria. Their winning application was Campus Helper

Laboratory of Communications Engineering