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 ContentsGMMBayes Toolbox - Gaussian mixture model learning and Bayesian classification.
 cmvnpdfCMVNPDF - (Complex range) multivariate normal probability density function (pdf).
 covfixer2COVFIXER2 - force matrix to be a valid covariance matrix
 getargsGETARGS parse variable argument list into a struct
 gmmbGMMB - Run GMMBayes project classifier
 gmmb_classifyGMMB_CLASSIFY Classify data using Bayesian or Mahalanobis distance classifier.
 gmmb_cmeansGMMB_CMEANS simple c-means clustering
 gmmb_createGMMB_CREATE - Construct new Bayesian classifier with Gaussian mixture model pdf
 gmmb_demo01GMMB_DEMO01 Demostrate GMMBayes mixture learning and data classification.
 gmmb_emGMMB_EM - EM estimated GMM parameters
 gmmb_fjGMMB_FJ - Figueiredo-Jain estimated GMM parameters
 gmmb_gemGMMB_GEM - Greedy EM estimated GMM parameters
 gmmb_histGMMB_HIST Create histS structure for 'trash class' classification.
 gmmb_pdfGMMB_PDF - (Complex range) multivariate Gaussian mixture model pdf
 gmmbvl_demo1d$Name: $
 gmmbvl_demo2d$Name: $
 gmmbvl_ellipsegmmbvl_Ellipse adds ellipses to the current plot
 gmmbvl_emgmmbvl_em - EM algorithm for adaptive multivariate Gaussian mixtures
 gmmbvl_em_gaussgmmbvl_em_gauss - compute likelihoods for all points and all components
 gmmbvl_em_init_kmgmmbvl_em_init_km - initialization of EM for Gaussian mixtures
 gmmbvl_em_stepgmmbvl_em_step - EM learning step for multivariate Gaussian mixtures
 gmmbvl_kmeansgmmbvl_kmeans - clustering with k-means (or Generalized Lloyd or LBG) algorithm
 gmmbvl_mixgengmmbvl_mixgen - Gaussian mixture generator
 gmmbvl_sqdistgmmbvl_sqdist - computes pairwise squared Euclidean distances between points
 newgmmbNEWGMMB - Create classifierS struct with GMMBayes project methods
 warning_wrapWARNING_WRAP() warning function wrapper

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