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-====== How to get help for computer related problems ====== 
-Remember that sometimes you get help faster from your co-workers and supervisor than faculty admin or university helpdesk. Specially if problem is related to specific software combination used only in your project. ​ 
-===== University helpdesk ===== 
-University helpdesk is open at 8.00-15.45 from mondays to thursday and 8.00-15 at friday. You can contact them with many ways: 
-  * **Using email:** 
-  * **By Phone:** 0294462580 (short number 62580) ​ 
-  * **Through web form at address:** https://​​helpdesk/​helpdesk_lomake.aspx 
-  * **Room:** Visiting Origo helpdesk service point at university library 
-==== When to use university helpdesk? ==== 
-  * All problems related to windows based computer classes 
-  * All os and general office software problems related to windows based workstations (including all microsoft products ex. visual studio, project and visio) 
-  * All printing problems except things related to linux printing (even users of personal printers can make printing cartridge orders from helpdesk) 
-  * All problems related to university IT services ex. email, university home directories and so on 
-  * All problems related to university provided web applications ex. rondo, large list of university web services is located here https://​​resources/​tyov%C3%A4lineet/​Pages/​Default.aspx 
-===== Faculty admins ===== 
-Ilmari Laakkonen is faculty admin at moment. 
-==== When to contact faculty admin? ==== 
-  * All problems related linux class, pentinkulma,​ room 6325 
-  * All special software installation problems with windows systems, which university computer center does not want to do or can't do... 
-  * Printing problems and configuration for linux systems 
-  * Printing problems and configuration for Apple MacOS systems 
-  * All problems related to departmental servers 
-  * All problems related to department provided web applications ex. own web, fileshare, subversion, wiki services 
-  * Departmental,​ laboratory or project purchases 
-  * Sorting out other department level problems somehow related to computer systems, purchases, workplaces or work environment risk analysis. 
-==== How to contact Ilmari Laakkonen ==== 
-  * **email:** address is default way to contact ilmari, all emails sended here are going directly to university helpdesk support system and never get lost. 
-  * **mobile phone:** +358 40 822 4562 , if you need help fast, use phone. 
-  * **room:** Room number 4525. (hey, no need to knock. Just open door, if it's not locked you are welcome) 
-===== How to make good service request ===== 
-Describe your problem well, put following information to your requests (bonus info only if it's needed to solve problem): 
-  * Your full name 
-  * Clear description of your problem. 
-  * Location of problem (room number, computer name, printer name, server and resource name and/or web address) 
-  * Time when problem appears first time, is it repeatable? How? 
-  * Priority for request, please mark your request to top priority only when really needed. Deadline for solving problem? 
-some bonus information to speed up problem solving: 
-  * OS type if you think problem is some way related to os. 
-  * Web browser type and version if you have problem with web services. 
-  * Account name if you have problem with logins, email account or home directories. 
-  * Have you rebooted your system and problem is still there? 
-  * When you are available to help with support personel if needed? 
-===== Be polite ===== 
-Nice people get better service than badly behaving jerks, this works almost anywhere and anytime, not only with helpdesks.