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How to get help for computer related problems

Remember that sometimes you get help faster from your co-workers and supervisor than departmental admin or university helpdesk. Specially if problem is related to specific software combination used only in your project.

University helpdesk

University helpdesk is open at 8.00-15.45 from mondays to thursday and 8.00-15 at friday. You can contact them with many ways:

When to use university helpdesk?

  • All problems related to windows based computer classes
  • All os and general office software problems related to windows based workstations
  • All printing problems except things related to linux printing (even users of personal printers can make printing cartridge orders from helpdesk)
  • All problems related to university it services ex. email, university home directories and so on
  • All problems related to university provided web applications ex. rondo, large list of university web services is located here

Departmental admins

Ilmari Laakkonen is departmental admin at moment, Jarmo Ilonen is looking after departmental core services during Ilmari's holidays and sick leaves.

When to contact departmental admin?

  • All problems related linux class, pentinkulma, room 6325
  • All special software installation problems with windows workstations
  • Printing problems and configuration for linux workstations
  • All problems related to departmental servers
  • All problems related to department provided web applications ex. own web, fileshare, subversion, wiki services
  • Department, laboratory or project purchases
  • Sorting out other department level problems somehow related to computer systems, purchases, workplaces or work environment risk analysis.

How to contact Ilmari Laakkonen

  • email: address is default way to contact ilmari, all emails sended here are going directly to university helpdesk support system. Best method if you want to make sure that ilmari won't forget your problem or miss it other way.
  • email:, checked more often than university helpdesk support system, but there is always risk that your email is classified as spam or otherwise get lost or forgotten.
  • mobile phone: +358 40 822 4562 , if you need help fast, use phone. If you are not in hurry, use email. If Ilmari is taking your call when not at his workplace, risk to forgot your problem is moderate.
  • room: Ilmari's room is 6507, most of my time ilmari is sitting there. Visit there if you need something physical ex. cables, video projector, digital camera.
  • discussions at coffee table, lunch break or when ilmari is walking around doing other work: Good way to sort out things when you are not sure by who or what should be done. Risk for ilmari to forget your problem is very high. Please send reminder email to after this kind of discussion.
  • irc: i usually have irc open, but it's mostly for personal use. Please use other methods to contact ilmari.

How to contact Jarmo Ilonen

Contact Jarmo Ilonen only when Ilmari Laakkonen is at holiday or sick leave.

  • email:
  • phone: +358 5 6212890
  • room: 6714

How to make good service request

Describe your problem well, put following information to your requests (bonus info only if it's needed to solve problem):

  • Your full name
  • clear description of your problem
  • location of problem (room number, computer name, printer name, server and resource name and/or web address)
  • time when problem appears first time, is it repeatable? How?
  • Priority for request, please mark your request to top priority only when really needed. Deadline for solving problem?

some bonus information to speed up problem solving:

  • OS type if you think problem some way related to os
  • Web browser type and version if you have problem with web services
  • account name if you have problem with logins, email account or home directories
  • have you rebooted your system and problem is still there?
  • When you are available to help with support personel if needed?

Be polite

Nice people get better service than angry dick heads, this works almost anywhere and anytime not only with helpdesks.