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Mounting common fileshares (instructions for windows 7 users)

Some LUT fileshares are provided automaticly for users, but normally when mounting university fileshares, you need following information:

  1. Name of fileserveryou want to use (ex.
  2. Name of fileshare you want to use in fileserver (ex. tutatk share in files-tutatk fileserver)

At documentation for users these are usually combined together in following form:

\\name of fileserver\name of fileshare



What file share and servers are available?

Server name Server short name Sharename Description files-tuta tuta Old tuta fileserver, all files should be moved to tutatk server which is common to whole faculty files-tite tite Old tite fileserver, all files should be moved to tutatk server which is common to whole faculty files-tutatk tutatk Common file server for whole faculty, contains subfolder for departments, faculty administrations and so on… www, projects, temp, software Old tite reseach server, contains multiple folders

Step by step quide for mounting fileshares on windows 7 systems

1. Open Computer view from Start Menu

2. Click address field at computer view to start write server name

3. Write server name at address field (remember to put two '\' characters at beginning, like \\ and press enter/return key

4. Now you should see server view, move mouse over the share you want to open (ex. tutatk)...

5. Press right mouse button, when mouse cursor is over the share you want to use to get menu from where you select "Map network drive..." function

6. At "Map network drive..." dialog you can choose options for file share ex. Drive letter shortcut used with this mount

7. when you click "Drive:" popupmenu you can see which drive letters are free

8. Press "Finish" button to make mount and wait little bit

9. If there was no problem with mount, you should see content of file share at file server

10. Your share mount should be visible at computer view too

11. If you want to disconnect share, you have to right mouse click over network location at computer view to get popup menu and then select "Disconnect" function