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Pentinkulma - Linux computer class - room 6218

This class has 20 linux computers which can be used locally or remotely with ssh or x-windows client. You login to computers using your university network account and password. Users university network storage is mounted as home directory for you. This means that linux software will make their configuration files in same place, these are files and folders beginning with “.”-letter.

Software in these computers are mostly GPL licensed or otherwise free software, which are available in most common linux distros. Matlab is available in all of these computers using command matlab.

Usage Rules for pentinkulma computer class

Of course you have to follow university general internet and computer usage rules, you agreed for that when you got your university computer account. Following rules are specific to pentinkulma computer class.

  1. Report faulty computers to
  2. Do not reboot faulty computers yourself, there might be important background calculations going on. If you accidently rebooted computers in pentinkulma, report that using address.
  3. Do not reboot, shutdown or start computers yourself in pentinkulma computer class. If you think some of these actions should be done, please contact
  4. Do not leave desktop locked, remember to logoff from computers.
  5. If you have to run programs longer period, please use screen commmand line utility for that. (look next rule too)
  6. Use nice command line utility for background calculations, that way desktop users get cpu cycles when needed.

Punishment for not following these rules is that you account is first disabled in specific computer in pentinkulma and if that's not enough then it's disabled from all pentinkulma computers.

Computer specifications

  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz
  • RAM: 16GB
  • 256GB SSD
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Desktop: KDE, Gnome and LXDE
  • gcc version 5.4.0
  • OpenJDK 1.8.0

OS and software information

  • 64-bit Ubuntu linux (14.04 LTS)
  • Gnome, KDE and LXDE desktops (ubuntu-, kubuntu- and lubuntu-desktop packages installed)
  • Acrobat reader, Flash and java plugins, lot of media support for players and browsers.
  • Openoffice 3 with english and finnish spell checker and hyphenation
  • matlab R2014a using university network license and Octave, open source alternative for matlab with lot of libraries for octave.
  • Visual Paradigm Suite for UML design
  • Eclipse 3.5 (ide for C, C++, java and python development with support for cvs and subversion)
  • Netbeans (java, C, C++ )
  • Sun java 7 jdk, openjdk, gcj
  • most of gnu compilers (gcc, g++, gfortran) and common compiler tools ex. make, automake bison, flex…
  • OpenGL programming libraries, DRI accelerated openGL activated by default.
  • and lot of other tools and packages

Name of computers

Names for linuxcomputer comes from characters found in “Täällä pohjantähden alla” book,

  • lut6180
  • lut6181
  • lut6182
  • lut6183
  • lut6184
  • lut6185
  • lut6186
  • lut6187
  • lut6188
  • lut6189
  • lut6190
  • lut6191
  • lut6192
  • lut6193
  • lut6194
  • lut6195
  • lut6196
  • lut6197
  • lut6198
  • lut6199
  • lut6200
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
  • alias
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