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Printing instructions

Printer support moved to computer center

Changes at university it service models has caused that all printer problems are primarily handled by help desk. Please contact helpdesk by mail using address or call to number 2580.

Windows printing

Windows users should update their print queues according to following list:

4th floor

5th floor

Linux class 6218

You can find more printer queues browsing to address \\ with windows workstation.

Linux printing

Linux printing is done through same print server what is used windows printing. First make sure that you have local account in your unix/linux with same name that your university account.

  • Nice place to forge your printings to other personel account, of course this is not allowed and Ilmari “The Punisher” is going mad if you do it and get caught.
  • you can't print with root account, test printing doesn't work throug printer control panels. Do test printings from normal applications.

General printing settings

  • Print queue type: lpd
  • Print server name:
  • Print server ip-address:
  • Print queues name are same than windows printernames

Ubuntu 8.10

Printer configuration has changed littel bit, you have to choose other printer and give device url for configuration. It's something like:

lpd://<printer queue name>

Examples using lpadmin tool

Example 1. Setting printer queue for printer in computer class 6325 using generic postscript driver

lpadmin -p A-A1-6325inPS -E -v lpd:// -P /usr/share/ppd/cups-included/postscript.ppd

Direct printing to printers

It's not allowed in future, please configure your worksation to use print queues.

Prices and quota for printing


No quota- During year 2008 printing price for department is 5 cents per black&white page and 60 cents per color page.


Limited quota, departments buy specific amount of print quota and there is possibility to buy more print quota.