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-====== Subversion, version control system ====== 
-Provided to support our research projects or courses with their needs for version control systems. It's configured to use webdav protocol over ssl protected connections. **You have to be in group ''​tite''​ or ''​CT''​ to have access for repositories and specific repositories might have only specific users listed to allow read/modify repository.** 
-  * https://​​svn/​mvpr/​ - MVPR repositories 
-  * https://​​svn/​comlab/​ - Comlab repositories 
-  * https://​​svn/​swe/​ - SWE repositories 
-===== How to get new repository ===== 
-Email to with following information:​ 
-  * name of repository 
-  * which laboratory that project belongs 
-  * department wide access right (none, read, modify) 
-  * list of users and their rights, please give login names if possible 
-You can get new repositories even for personal use, but please remember that deparment resources are only meant for things related to your work. 
-===== Subversion manuals and guides ===== 
-  *  [[http://​​|Subversion projektin oma www-palvelin]] 
-  *  [[http://​​|Webissä selattava tai imuroitava Subversion kirja]] 
-  *  [[http://​​repos/​svn/​trunk/​doc/​user/​svn-best-practices.html| SVN Best practises]] 
-  *  [[http://​​repos/​svn/​trunk/​doc/​user/​cvs-crossover-guide.html| CVS to SVN crossover guide]] 
-  *  [[http://​​files/​documents/​15/​177/​| SVN Quick reference]]