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 ===== Old wikies ===== ===== Old wikies =====
-These can be used in future somehowbut i suggest to transfer needed information to main wiki. +These are transferred to www2 serverthey are separated from our main wiki and can be accessed only from university network.
-  * [[http://​]] - wiki to support teaching needs  +New addresses for these wikies:
-  * [[http://​]] - wiki to support research needs+
-These are copied ​to new server ​and access ​to them is allowed only from university networkNew wiki address will be added here after transfer.+  * [[http://​​opetuswiki]] - wiki to support teaching needs  
 +  * [[http://​​tutkimuswiki]] - wiki to support research needs 
 +===== Really old wikies at mediaserver ===== 
 +These are closed, can't be used anymore. If you need something from these wikies, please contact 
 +===== What plugins are installed ​to this wiki? ===== 
 +Following plugins are isntalled to this wiki and few more which are needed ​to run these pluginsOnly these plugins are supported and tested in our theme and layout. 
 +  * [[s5]], slideshows directly from wikipage 
 +  * [[odt]], openoffice export function (openoffice can be used to export pdf, ps, .doc and other formats) 
 +  * [[mathmulti]],​ math formula visualization using latex format 
 +  * [[freemind]],​ embedding freemind mindmapping designs ​ (needs flash player) 
 +  * [[task]], plugin to make to do task lists 
 +  * [[discussion]],​ plugin to include discussion area to wiki pages
-===== Really old wikies ===== 
-These are not moved anywhere by admin, users must move information to main wiki by themselves. 
-  * [[http://​]] - first experimental wikies installed to department personnels