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Main wiki for department is located at address. It can be used anyway personnels want.

  • visible to internet
  • users are authenticated by university ldap server
  • ldap groups can be used to control access for content (page and namespace level)
  • no manual users and groups are possible

Frequently asked questions for this wiki

Old wikies

These are transferred to www2 server, they are separated from our main wiki and can be accessed only from university network.

New addresses for these wikies:

Really old wikies at mediaserver

These are closed, can't be used anymore. If you need something from these wikies, please contact

What plugins are installed to this wiki?

Following plugins are isntalled to this wiki and few more which are needed to run these plugins. Only these plugins are supported and tested in our theme and layout.

  • s5, slideshows directly from wikipage
  • odt, openoffice export function (openoffice can be used to export pdf, ps, .doc and other formats)
  • mathmulti, math formula visualization using latex format
  • freemind, embedding freemind mindmapping designs (needs flash player)
  • task, plugin to make to do task lists
  • discussion, plugin to include discussion area to wiki pages