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This page lists the various events and occasions that have happened at the LUT communications laboratory.

18.8. 19th Summer School on Telecommunications

“The International Summer School on Telecommunications held in Lappeenranta is the oldest summer school in Finland in the area of Information Technology. This year the summer school is already 19th event arranged in Lappeenranta.”
This year's theme was IT in construction.

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11.7. XNA Code Camp 2010

Comlab had the first summer Codecamp course of the year, where people learned to program with Microsoft Game Studio in a single week. 

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1.6. Visiting Lecturers from the University of Ruse, Bulgaria

Assistant professors from the University from Ruse visited the Communications Laboratory within the Erasmus program to inspect the progress of their students and deliver some lectures.

The visitors touring the laboratory and inspecting student projects

Assistant Professors Orlin Asenov Tomov and Nikolay Genkov Kostadinov

24.5. Good Teacher Award to Jouni Ikonen

Adjunct Professor Jouni Ikonen was granted the national Good Teacher award by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion for his accomplishments as a lecturer. He works as a research scientist in Department of Information Technology at The Faculty of Technology Management and he lectures on courses related to IT. The department later celebrated the event with some doughnuts and coffee.

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Jouni Ikonen holding a speech at the start of the event.

Various people from the department gathered to enjoy the occasion.