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This page is a collection of useful tools and libraries for C/C++ development.

Matrix libraries

Most of the Matrix libraries are presented in its own Matrix libraries page. Please check it out if you are interested.


Boost provides a wide-range of free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. It's suggested to use boost to achieve platform-independent source code. Following modules are found to be useful in boost:

  • Boost.asio — Cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming.
  • Boost.filesystem — Provides portable facilities to query and manipulate paths, files, and directories.
  • Boost.multi_array — Provides a generic N-dimensional array concept definition.
  • Boost.program_options — The program_options library allows program developers to obtain program options.
  • Boost.property_map — A tree data structure especially suited to storing configuration data.
  • Boost.regex — Regular expression library.
  • Boost.thread — Portable C++ multi-threading.
  • Boost.smart_ptr — Smart pointer class templates.
  • Or any other part of Boost. Check them from here.

Geometry and Vision


  • CGAL
  • OpenCV
  • PCL


  • MeshLab
  • Other (too many)


Here's a list of libraries (this should be organized somehow).

  • Other libs: armadillo, fourier libs, optimized lapack/blas, Qt/GTK/MM, … etc.
  • Editors, debuggers (gdb), code analyzers (valgrind), … etc.
  • Version Control: SVN, GIT, HG
  • Cmake, etc.