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 ===== Status ===== ===== Status =====
-**2009-05-26** 3 Floating licences in purchase process.+**2009-09-24** Note: New version 7.1 . Visual Paradigm web pages has changed also. 
 +**2009-05-26** 3 Floating licences in purchase process ​for comlab. 
 +**2009-06-02** Floating license server installed at virtualmachine,​ license port is 1998.  
 +===== Installing ===== 
 +Software is founded under [[smb://​​software/​VisualParadigmForUML]] network folder.  
 +Software is available for Linux, windows, Unix and MacOS systems. It's made with java, but jre is bundled with it, separate java installation is not necessary. During installation choose ''​standard edition''​ and do not define license files. After installation run software and use functions founded at client to define floating license server. 
 +"​License keys" -> "​Floating license"​ -> "​Configure"​ 
 +port: 1999 
 +Do not use license import tools, this will reserve one license from server for loca use only. 
 +**Note** bundled java jre in visual paradigm is slow. Relink VP_SuiteN.N/​jre to point system 
 +jre (/​usr/​lib/​jvm ..).
 ===== Getting the Visual Paradigm for IT Department ===== ===== Getting the Visual Paradigm for IT Department =====
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 Floating License User's Guide, http://​​documentation/​floatinglicenseuserguide.jsp?​format=html Floating License User's Guide, http://​​documentation/​floatinglicenseuserguide.jsp?​format=html
 +==== Visual Paradigm SDE (Smart Development Environment) in Eclipse ====
 +Not working very eclipse way. Has own conventions embedded into eclipse. => Better use plain standalone Visual Paradigm for UML.