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Visual Paradigm, UML tool

Visual Paradigm is a UML modeling tool with very rich capabilities for the modeling purposes. Tool functionalities are usable on IT research and teaching on LUT. Visual Paradigm is build on java so it works in linux as well.


2009-05-26 3 Floating licences in purchase process for comlab.

Getting the Visual Paradigm for IT Department

Basic Academic Partner license (Visual Paradigm for UML or SDE Standard edition) for classroom teaching. This license is free, but have to be updated yearly (yeah pain).

Commercial Standard edition (or edition at need) for research. These licenses costs then. Visual Paradigm for UML is $360 single seat and $470 for floating. Floating or single seat ? ⇒ floating

I suggest we buy 3 floating licenses for the laboratory use. It costs $1410. Ok. Funding: “CT30 yksi lisenssi ja 2 lisenssia UMSIC hankkeelta.”

Licenses, information and options

Visual Paradigm has a quite branching (~50 deals) about the products with purposes, integration, packaging and editions. More info at eg. Visual Paradigm for UML edition differencies.

Basic Academic Partner license

Product is Visual Paradigm for UML or SDE version. SDE is a separate IDE (Eclipse, Visual Studio, ..) embedded version. This license is free. Limited to classroom teaching. Have to be updated yearly. Department-wide site license. Maintenance (all major/minor released updates and hot fixes) included.


The recipient agrees to use the Software solely for non-commercial classroom teaching.

Every publication and presentation for which work based on the Software or its output has been used must contain an appropriate citation and acknowledgement of Visual Paradigm.

You commit to using the latest version of at least one Visual Paradigm product as part of a training program for a class. The Visual Paradigm-related training must involve a minimum of 20 hours per student annually. The minimum class size should not be less than 10 students.


Commercial Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition, Single Seat

Standard edition feature set seems to be usable for modeling and development on research and teaching. One noted feature with standard edition is team collaboration by subversion version management system.

Single seat license cost is $360 with one year maintenance.


Single-Seat License. Visual Paradigm's single-seat (team-member-based) license allows a licensee to install the software on a computer that belongs, and provides sole access, to the named user only. Since the license is team-member-based, the software must be used by the licensee only, without running more than one instance concurrently. The single-seat license only allows installation on a maximum of three computers.

⇒ This seems to be not good, as personnel are moving a lot in department.

This seems to be bind to person at buy process. It is not very convient for laboratory use as people are moving a lot on long run.

Commercial Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition, Floating

Floating license allow multiple person on multiple computers use the software. Also taking license temporary with eg. laptop on travel is possible.

Floating License User's Guide,