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Group members:

  • Sara Mostatshar
  • Jesse Yli-Huumo

Learning / working diary

Friday Nov 8th

We had a meeting about ideas for the open data application.

The ideas we had were:

  1. Information application for Russian people
  2. Visa application for Russian people
  3. Transportation in Lappeenranta
  4. Article reading application for students

We decided to go with the first idea “Information application for Russian people”.

We also divided tasks for this project:

  • Jesse - Requirements, architecture, technology.
  • Sara - Work plan, business model.

We decided to meet every Friday 2pm to check the project status.

Tasks for next week:

  • Start to think about the requirements of the projects
  • Think about the business plan
  • Do a work plan for the project
  • Decide the name of the application

Friday Nov 15th

We had a meeting about achievements last week.

Name of the application decided (infoLappeenranta)

* Business plan started with definition of:
     * Mission statement
     * Industry Environment
     * Direct competitors
     * Marketing
     * Financial Projections
* Requirements and Design Document started with definition of:

We also had discussion about our application and how it should work.

We also defined simple process how our application will be done:

  1. Idea
  2. Collecting document
  3. Analysing data and requirements (We will do until here at this course)
  4. Building the App
  5. Getting the patent
  6. Marketing first for industries then customers

Jobs for next week: Continue definition and writing of business plan and requirements document.

Next meeting Friday 22th

Meeting with Professor at Tuesday 19th

Friday Nov 22th


Executive Summary

Mission statement Our mission is to become the premier provider of all the information of Lappeenranta in detail, and attract tourists to Lappeenranta city by introducing the city.

Business opportunity Our aim is to build an application which includes all the information of Lappeenranta such as all the activity that is possible to do in Lappeenranta, along with all the prices. Introducing all the shops, restaurants, transportation, couch surfing, renting house or car, and …

Overview of the industry Lappeenranta is a Finnish city located that is located about ~30 kilometers from the Russian border. This is the reason why large amount of Russian tourists are coming Lappeenranta to buy different goods and services, because it is tax-free for them. Russian people (and tourists in general) don't have any way to get information quickly about Lappeenranta and it's services. Problem is to distribute data to tourists about services in Lappeenranta, where there is not any current application. New application would make it easier for tourists to explore what is in Lappeenranta. For companies it would be easier to inform about their current services and sales. This new application would make more tourists interested about Lappeenranta and generate more services and jobs for city of Lappeenranta.

Projected position for the future In the future we can extend this application in all the cities

Potential customers The information distribution application has two user groups. First group is citizen and tourists who use the application for information search and giving reviews. Second user group is the companies who provide and update information in the application.

Direct competitors Our direct competitors are four square which has 33 million users and Google Maps which has provided by Google. However both of our competitors are free of charge, but they cannot provide all the information in detail as our application can provide. So; we cannot say they are big competitors for us since we know the group of our customers, and we provide details for a special group.

Marketing Business opportunity Tourists: bringing more tourists in Lappeenranta Creating job: facilitating the growth of the tourism and service sectors in Lappeenranta Marketing: companies have this opportunity to advertise their products with low cost. And also our company can gain money through advertising for those companies

Company impact Our App provides all the information in the city and it can attract many tourists. Having high amount of tourists means building more industry and creating more jobs and eventually more money. Indeed all the users have the opportunities to comment in this App about their needs, and Lappeenranta can be aware of the needs for new industry.

Company strategy We believe that we can meet the needs of our clients and to surpass the services offered by our competitions. Our market study shows there is no application with these features and also we believe that we can expand this application for all the cities.

Benefits matrix

  • How to attract customers?
  • How to introduce more industry?
  • How to introduce more jobs?
  • How to access information fast?
  • How to bring more money to the city?

Financial Projections

  • Revenue: marketing and upgrading income
  • Costs: Building App, Cost of patents, Cost of marketing

Friday Nov 29th


  System Requirements:
* Application is used by normal users (tourists) and company users.
* The main purpose is to make the information distribution for companies better. Tourists can also search information better.
* The system should be able to check out the information distributed by companies.
* The system should contain a login verification.
* It is possible to add new companies and new users to the system. 
* It is possible to modify user and company information.
* System can be used with smart phones that support Android.
* System “help” option for users and administrator.
* Application has multi-language feature.
  Functional Requirements:
* Application works with smart phones that support all of the latest smartphone OS
* User can log in to system with username and password
* User can change the username and password from application
* User can search information with different criterias
* User can enter to specific companys own page
* User can give rating and comment about company
* User can log out from application
* User can change language
* User can use “help”-option
* Company send their information to application
* Company can log in to application with username and password
* Company can update their information
* Company can read reviews
* Company can change language

UI pictures

Monday Dec 2th


Use case diagram

Material used by group

Final Document and Presentation