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Group member:

IT: Fabian Moreno IM: Jesus Mario Verdugo IM: Enrique Batani

Meeting of the 14th Oct 2014:

Brainstorming to find ideas on open data service:


  • Application area
  • Buses are empty for certain time schedules on a daily basis.
  • Optimize costs of transport
  • Reach areas and streets that currently don’t have public transportation routes.
  • Restrictions
  • Maintain SLA.
  • Not reducing the frequency of time table.
  • Offering as much seats as needed.
  • Maintain or reduce user price.
  • Work methodology
  • Feasibility study
  • Value proposition
  • Assigning different bus sizes to different routes or time frames.


  • Application area
  • Problem. uncertainty to decide what to study
  • Needs. Improve assertiveness of career choosing
  • Restrictions
  • People chooses money rather than their fields of interest
  • Depending on the career the courses are more expensive.
  1. People is limited to study something that offers them a job where they live.
  2. Local recognition of the area of studies
  3. Perceived difficulty of the area.
  4. Misconceptions of the careers.
  5. Preparation for the admission tests.
  • Beurocracy and corruption in the admission process
  • Work methodology
  • Feasibility study
  • Value proposition

A platform to advice high school new graduates to find the right career based on certain criteria, such as afinity, average salary of graduates, number of vacancies available in the labor market, programs offered in universities, and tuition fees.


  • Detect and prevent corruption in politics
  • Identify signs or traces of corrupted activity.
  • Information gathering must be free
  • Value proposition
  • Raise of flags when identifying suspicious behavior
Outcomes of meeting

After evaluating the possible projects and their impact in the society we decided that the topic “Politics” with our proposal to raise flags in possible corruption cases is the most relevant.

  • Finalize reading all training material in Open Data.
  • Identify more opportunities for the political model.
  • Working method selection.

Our next meeting is on 27.10.2014.

Meeting of the 27th Oct 2014:

Organizing presentation based on elements of elevator pitch
  • problem
  • solution
  • customer
  • segment
  • finance
  • team
  • competitors
  • milestones
Further development of Politics


  • Corruption
  1. Definition
  2. Types of corruption

Conflict of interests, Influence peddling, Purchases, Fake name registering.

  • Transparency
  1. Corruption


  • Algorithm
  1. Definition

Politics, Patterns

  1. Input: open data
  2. Output: flags
  • System
  1. software
  2. machine
  3. propietary
  4. closed


  • Common good
  • People
  • Values
  • Reducing time in analysis for corruption
  1. Avoid losing time where there is no risk of corruption
  2. Look for corruption only where there are flags
  • Customers and monetization
  • monetization
  1. contractor
  2. politicians

Warn about their mistakes and risk movements, Advise on their competitors.

  1. media


  • Affected
  1. Politicians
  2. Administration
  3. Third parties
  • Other measures
  • Constraints
Work on hook arguments for elevator pitch

Corruption is one of the leading concerns in the . But, what if we could identify these signs and backtrack over its trace until we can determine whether a suspicious behavior is an actual act of corruption? we know about the corruption from the media, but what about the corruption we never get to hear from?

  • Add more elements for elevator pitch.
  • Add supportive statistics.
  • Review more information about NABC.
  • Work on better hook arguments

Our next meeting is on 29.10.2014.

Meeting on ........

Task for this week.

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Meeting on.......

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