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-A Bluetooth Application 
-About “MarketBlue” +== Group member: == 
-It’s a Bluetooth application that will communicate with a customer through digital board incorporated in a supermall or Megastore. ​ +IT: Prasanna Kuchimanchi 
-Customer will get updated automatically through their Bluetooth device on entrance. +IT: Eleni Almpanopoulou 
- Scope within Super mall+ITFahad Islam 
- Shops information and discounts. +IT: Alejandro Antillon
- ​Restaurants information and on day menu. +
- ​Healthcare services and emergencies. +
- ​Transportation services and schedule. ​+
- ​Centralized platform (Application and Database) 
- ​Server side and client-advertisers side. 
- ​Digital board automatically updates server and customers. 
- ​Several digital boards. 
- ​Customers can update each other. 
-Challenges: +=== Opening lecture 11th Sept 2014===
- ​Market competitor. +
- ​Breaking old trend. +
- ​Convincing to replace existing system. +
- ​Promoting the application to the customers. +
- ​Training+
-Benefits: +Based on brainstorming after opening lecture, we formed a team with an idea to solve the need for housing ​and accommodation for students
- ​Green +
- Time saving +
- ​Accessibility +
- ​Centralized +
- ​Cheaper ​and live +
- More productive+
-Future scope: +== Housing ​and Accommodation ==
- ​Airports ​and Stations +
- ​Universities +
- ​Hospitals +
- City Market Places +
- ​Touristic Locations+
 +  The idea arose from the situation of 2 of us having problems with our accommodation situation.
 +  The reasons behind this proposal were:
 +  ​
 +  *For international students the main option for housing is LOAS, which is of great help,
 +   but also is clearly unable to fully accommodate all the students in the area.
 +  *Other options, such as other companies or private landlords, usually do not rent to foreigners.
 +    ​
 +  However, we did not have a clear idea of what tool or service we needed to develop to solve these problems.
 +  Also we did not make a final decision on this topic, we also agreed to think of more possible projects, until our next meeting. ​
 +=== Meeting 27 Sept 2014: ===
 +In this meeting other ideas were proposed by other team members. We also discussed about possible developments for the previous and new ideas:
 +  *Real time transportation schedule of Lappeenranta city.
 +  *Shopping Center application for digital advertising and information
 +After some discussion, the team agreed to drop the accommodation and housing idea, and merge the shopping center and transportation ideas into one application.
 +=== Meeting 10 Oct 2014: ===
 +  *Developed the Shopping center/​Transportation application,​ and defined a conceptual architecture for the system
 +  *Defined how the system would operate
 +  *Defined infrastructure and Resources ​
 +  *Sent proposal draft to professor
 +=== Meeting 16 Oct 2014: ===
 +  *Professor responded on Oct 13 with some questions about the design and operation of our application
 +  *We elaborated a presentation for the project addressing professor'​s questions
 +=== Meeting 5 Nov 2014: ===
 +  *Adjust final presentation
 +  *Worked on selling pitch
 +=== Final Presentation Nov 13 ===
 +  *3 Reds
 +  *4 Greens
 +=== Files ===
 +  *Presentation
 +  *Final Report
 +The main points from non buyers, were that there were some similar projects developed in the past.
 +Also professor was not convinced about some aspects of the design of the project