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 +====== Evaluation ======
 +  * Course grading: 0-100 points.
 +    * Half of the total points (**50**) are required to pass the course.
 +      * In order to pass the course every student has to return the individual assignments (1 & 2) and has to participate in the group work
 +    * Assignments 1 and 2 each give **15 points** max. (Bonus points do not increase points beyond 15)
 +    * The group work (assignment 3) gives **40 points** max
 +  * Additional bonus points can be gained from:
 +    * Implementing **ALL** optional features if described in the assignment description.
 +    * Developing new own ideas and/or implementing them into assignment.
 +  * There will be questions presented in some assignments and the purpose of these is to get you thinking about issues which are related to assignment.
 +    * These are for your own good but in some cases **one bonus point can be gained if answer is good**.
 +    * Just remember to **add answers to Readme-file**. Answers must be **well written** and **well reasoned**!