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Exercise 5 : WSE Project Specification

Overview of the project

The project work of the course is to create a service or application that uses the wireless communications. The work is done in groups consisting 1-N members.

The work is divided in two phases. Phase one is the design phase from which the result is a plan of the service that the group is going to make. Deadline for returning the plan is 03.03.2013, 24:00. Phase two is the actual implementation of service/application. The Deadline for phase two will be mentioned later. Phase one

In phase one the group will plan a service and write a document about the plans. The document should describe in detail how the service is working. (Which means that you are expected to provide MSC's and statemachines). The document should answer to the following questions:

  Who is the audience of the service.
  What mobile/wireless devices are used
  What communication technologies are used.
  Is there going to be some service enhancing technologies used i.e. CC/PP, location,personalisation…
  Justification for the aforementioned choices.
  Who is going to do what in the final implementation.

The group can also have features in their service that they are not going to implement (Due the lack of tools or testing capabilities or just lack of man power). The reason for not implementing the feature is expected to be in the document. The document is returned to Bishal Karki( with subject [WSE_plan_GroupName]. Deadline: 03.03.2013, 24:00

A good phase one report.

Phase two: Implementation

On phase two the designed service is implemented. When the service is ready the group contacts the assistant Bishal Karki and agrees demonstratin time (There is possibility for a set date for demostrations where all groups can see what each group has done… this is to be decided on the course). Along with the demonstration the group returns a document that describes who did what on the service creation. The document should also describe what issues went as planned and what caused unexpected problems. Deadline: ??, 14:00 UTC+2 Practical instructions