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Questions for chapter 1-2

-What are characteristics of a good game?

-What is the most important component in game component framework?

-Is the suggested framework valid? -Is it possible to create good game with this framework?

Grades for other presentations:

Chapter 3-4, 11 Ilmo Räsänen: Grade 4

Chapter 5, Mikko Turunen: Grade 5

Chapter 6-7, Wu Yongyi: Grade 3

Chapter 8, Cody Kotichas: Grade 3,5

Chapter 9, Johanna Pääkkönen: Grade 3

Chapter 12-13, Petro Vizhevskyi: Grade 3,5

Some of the grades are based only on the slides because I was unable to attend few of the lectures.


Homework 1: kytomaki_homework1.pdf

Homework 2: kytoemaeki_homework2.pdf

Homework 3: kytomaki_homework3.pdf

Exam questions


Points for students

Turunen Mikko: 15

Vizhevskyi Petro: 11

Pääkkönen Johanna: 8

Kotichas Cody: 8

Wu Yongyi: 8

Jesse Yli-Huumo: 9

Ilmo Räsänen: 11