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Chapter 9

Questions of chapter:

  • What are the most important patterns (chapter 9) to make a good game?
    • Can game be good without any of these patterns?
    • What makes a pattern important?
  • According to the book almost all the patterns have some potentially conflicting with some other pattern. How to avoid this conflicting in game design?
  • What do you think about selection which patterns appear in the book or CD?
    • E.g. only CD: Skills, Tiebreakers, Emotional Immersion
    • Are the book patterns more important, more common etc?

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  • Chapter 1&2 Jesse Yli-Huumo, Ville Kytömäki:
  • Chapter 3&4&11 Ilmo Räsänen:
  • Chapter 5 Mikko Turunen:
  • Chapter 6&7 Wu Yongyi:
  • Chapter 8 Cody Kotichas:
  • Chapter 12&13 Petro Vizhevskyi:



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