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Presentation, Ch. 5 Questions:

  • What kind of a game world would be continuous and reticular?
  • Is there any additional objects not listed in the book/CD?

Presentation Grades

  • Ch. 1&2 Jesse Yli-Huumo, Ville Kytömäki: 3
  • Ch. 3&4&11 Ilmo Räsänen: 4
  • Ch. 6&7 Wu Yongyi: 4
  • Ch. 8 Cody Kotichas: 4
  • Ch. 9 Johanna Pääkkönen: 3
  • Ch. 12&13 Petro Vizhevskyi: 3

Points 10*7

  • Cody Kotichas 9
  • Ville Kytömäki 9
  • Johanna Pääkkönen 9
  • Jesse Yli-Huumo 10
  • Ilmo Räsänen 11
  • Wu Yongyi 11
  • Petro Vizhevskyi 11

Exam Questions

  • Name the main components of the design framework and give a short description of them.
  • The patterns of the book are built on top of the framework and knowledge about the framework can be considered as mandatory in order to use the patterns effectively.
  • Describe the contents of a [random chapter] briefly and name three patterns from the chapter
  • Answering requires the examinee to have knowledge about the books content in full and preparation for this question requires a quite a lot of reading
  • Explain how one of the following patterns can be used [4 options]
  • The nature of the book encourages skimming through it(at least in my opinion) so the reader will not remember the full description of each pattern. So few options are required in order give the examinee better chance to have fully read through one of the options so that he can give a proper answer to the question.
  • To whom is the book directed to and how it's contents can be used in game development?
  • Ambiguous question which has no real answer but requires the examinee to show that he has read the book and has given thought to its content