Coursera certificate

Questions and grades of chapters

Chapter 1-2:

  • What is the most important component in game component framework?
  • Is the suggested framework valid?
  • Is it possible to create good game with this framework?

Chapter 3-4: (Grade of presentation 4)

  • How important is it to analyze other games?
  • Which one is actually more important, structural analysis or actual play testing?
  • Template might be good way to see the overall connection structure of patterns. (comment)

Chapter 5: (Grade of presentation 5)

  • Are all objects necessary in a good game?
  • More objects = better game? or is it the combination of objects that makes it good?

Chapter 6-7: (Grade of presentation 3)

  • Is resources and resource control only meant for real-time strategy games? Or is it suitable for for example single player games.
  • How much information should player get from the game? Does it make game bad if too much information is shared and player doesn't have to gain any information by him/herself?

Chapter 8: (Grade of presentation 3)

  • I wasn't present at the class, so grade is based on powerpoint slides.
  • How do you start to design good actions and events for your game? What is required and where do you start?

Chapter 9: (Grade of presentation 4)

  • Is the story of the game actually the most important thing?

Chapter 12 & 13: (Grade of presentation 4)

  • I wasn't present at the class, so grade is based on powerpoint slides.
  • Can you make a game that is good and doesn't have any goal?
  • Some people like single-player games and some people like multiplayer games. Which are the criterias you have to consider which direction do you take when starting to design your game (single vs multi). Also some games usually combine both of these, but often there is the situation where single-player sucks and multiplayer is good and vice versa. How do you deal with this problem?


Final works

Extra works


Points for students: (6*10 points)

  • Kotichas Cody (7)
  • Vizhevskyi Petro (12)
  • Pääkkönen Johanna (7)
  • Wu Yongyi (7)
  • Kytömäki Ville (7)
  • Turunen Mikko (20)