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 4)__How Green IT can be used in a daily life?__ 4)__How Green IT can be used in a daily life?__
 +There are many discussions concerning green and sustainable decisions in a different fields, as well as a number of theories and suggestions for the life improvement is huge. However, the man idea of sustainability is related to the green technologies application. The question refers to the need of determination for the basic Green IT aspects and help to understand the level of respondent ability to share or create possible solutions for the problem solving. If the person does not understand, what Green ITs do mean, then it is impossible to understand how they can be applied for the humans daily life. The knowledge that is needed to answer the question is the most crucial piece of information,​ that can be necessary for everyone: simple user, researcher, engineer or manufacturer. ​
 ==== Coursera Certificate ​ ==== ==== Coursera Certificate ​ ====
 {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2015:​1:​coursera_criticalthinking_2015_anastasiia_gusakova.pdf|}} {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2015:​1:​coursera_criticalthinking_2015_anastasiia_gusakova.pdf|}}