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Definition of Big Data

Big data exceeds normal database capabilities and processing it can't be done by conventional methods.

Big data comes in many forms (e.g. pictures, videos) and its form can't be strictly defined. It can be structured or not. Big data's volume can be anything to millions of terabytes. Big data also appears in many forms. It can be constant stream of information or some batched event.


Ethics of big data

Big data can be great asset but it also puts huge responsibility both on data users/collectors and customers. How can you be sure your data is not misused by data users? Basically the data holders are able to do anything with the data they gather.

The more the technology advances the less privacy people will have. This emphasizes the responsibility of common human being. You should not spread you personal information like crazy since you can’t possibly know what’s someone is going to do with it.

Can you just trust that data holders will do what is ethically right? Of course not. People have different opinion of ethics. Someone might realize that one is approaching the grey area and someone else might think it’s completely normal. And finally someone might not even care. It's really difficult to define ethics in general. In the end it’s impossible to control what the data holders will do with the data. There will always be someone who benefits from the data and is willing to see some effort getting it.