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Personal Tasks

1. Definition of Big Data

“An easily scalable system of unstructured and semistructured data with attendant tools that can efficiently extract structured datasets.”


2. Ethics of Big Data

“Big data itself, in the same way as all innovation, is ethically impartial. The use of big data, however, is definitely not. While the ethics included are abstract ideas, they can have very real-world implications. The objective is to develop better ways and means to engage in intentional ethical inquiry to inform and align our actions with our values.”


Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk and Innovation By Kord Davis Publisher: O'Reilly Media


3. Coursera: Statement of Accomplishment


4. Exam Questions

Big Data:

a. Is Big Data the future?

b. What technologies support Big Data analysis?

Open Data:

c. Will personal information be at risk?

d. How do we address licensing issues?