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Green IT and Sustainable Computing- WIKI page for Niklas Nygren

Green IT

Green IT is the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing or IT. Its main purposes are to minimize the negative effects information technology has on environment and to use information technology to solve environmental issues. In order to achieve these we need to come up with new inventive ways to create technologic devices that don't influence the environment in a harmful way. New materials for building computers have to be found. And with these devices we need to help solve environmental issues such as calculating green house gasses more efficiently and thus trying to negate their effect on Earth.


Coursera course certification


Increasing sustainability aspects in LUT CS program

I'm going to list courses here that I've done or that I know something of and give ideas about how sustainability could be included in them.

Webbed Applications- The course was about techniques used in building websites and coding. In this course sustainability could be included by giving extra points for assignments if the coding was done as efficiently as possible and the programs efficiency would be maximized.

Introduction to programming- This was the first programming course we were required to take and it would be really good if the first course already had some sustainability aspects. Then we would be learning our first steps in coding by making sustainable and efficient code and could use those skills in later courses.

Object-Oriented Programming- This course was also about coding, this time a game. Extra points could be given for programs that work very efficiently and consume the least amount of memory or power.

Data Structures and Algorithms- This course was pretty theory based but an assignment work was done by coding a binarytree. This assignment wasn't very strictly evaluated and this could be changed to involve efficiency as one evaluation metric.

Introduction to Telecommunications- In this course sustainability could be included by adding a course assignment, in which students would be given some telecommunication solution and they would be required to make it more efficient.

User Interfaces and User-Centric Design- Course assignment was about designing a program or an interface to a certain person who was working in some “strange” field, for example a sailor. This program was supposed to make hes life easier. Sustainability aspect could be added by giving students an already ready interface of an program and then make them modify it to be more efficient and sustainable.

Also I think that the introduction course to Sustainability Minor should be made mandatory for all students in our school. That would be a good way to make everyone knowledgeable of sustainability and why it is important to strive towards it.

Exam questions

1. What kind of effects does CS and computers have and can have in the world from the sustainability perspective? Good questions because the person answering has to be aware of both the negative and positive impacts for sustainability.

2. List three things that were discussed in the course that can have a positive impact on sustainability and explain why. Good question for making sure people were actually listening and that they can explain their choices.

3. List three things that were discussed in the course that have a negative impact on sustainability and give solutions to how that impact could be negated. Lots of answers for this question but what matters is what kind of solutions students can give for the problems.

4. Define Green IT and explain how it can have a positive impact on the environment. Good basic question about sustainability and CS. Many answers for the positive impact part.