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I personally think we should include the following topics (let's discuss) in the final presentation:

  1. Discussion on the two books we covered - how they are different and how they are similar towards sustainable computing
  2. Definition for sustainable computing and its metrics
  3. How critical thinking and argumentation could be helpful to define sustainability
  4. Summary of our total activities in all the classes

- Md Anowarul Abedin

I agree with Abedin. I am interested being part (someone else can join me?) of preparing the 2. part “Definitions”.

BR, Heidi

I agree with topics that Abedin proposed. I can work with Heidi for part 2.

BR, Hanieh

I added some paragraphs in the Metrics for Sustainability section. I am still working on it. Please let me know your feedback, especially from business perspective (friends from business/management/economics could provide critical feedback). I will be done by tonight, I hope. Thanks.

BR, Abedin

I agree with the proposed presentation content, I could work with Shehu on the third part. Meanwhile, would you guys like to meet probably next week to discuss as a group? Although I will be meeting with Abedin next week, if anyone is interested please let us know so that we fix a convenient time to meet

BR Odukomaiya Funmilade Tola

Hallo. I agree with the topics and would like to discuss them as a group, especially question about metrics for sustainability. When you are planning to organize a meeting?

BR, Anastasiia

Hello, the topics sound good and I would also like to participate on this. Have you guys set up any dates for the meetings yet?

BR, Henri Mikkola

So far, no date was set. What about next friday at 11:00 am? Everyone should be free, right? I have a feeling that Professor is not that happy with our group performance. Let's put a great effort together to produce something better.

BR, Md Anowarul Abedin

Friday at 11 am suits for me, what about the others? We could meet in the gallery hall (where the piano is) for example. We definitely need to work better as a group, because as you said the professor is not satisfied with out previous efforts.

BR, Henri Mikkola

Friday is fine for me. So, 10.04.2015 at 11.00 piano hall, right?

BR, Anastasiia