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Discussion of a common group definition

I believe, it could be a good solution to start a discussion about common definition from the identification of some basics or bullet points of the term. What do you think?

Sustainable computing is:

  1. principle, study, theory or strategy which or that →
  2. helps to relate computer science with the environmental issues, problems, needs →
  3. on the base of scientific solutions, special software and strategies development.

Dear Group, please, add here ^ your ideas and opinion, which could help us to improve this definition skeleton, thank you. (Best regards, Anastasiia Gusakova)

I agree that in generally sustainable computing is about all the issues Anastasiia mentioned above. I personally analyse sustainability first from environmental point of view and the goal of sustainable computing is to reduce the negative environmental impacts which computing obviously has. To put words 'green' and 'computing' into same sentence sounds quite unrealistic to me at first glance as we know computing (and high-tech itself) is one of the biggest causes of negative environmental impacts. The amount of energy used in IT (starting from materials to end-use stage) is increasing. Consumers are demading constantly more and technology tries to respond to the demading needs - sometimes with the cost of environment. I think that the goals of sustainable computing (minimizing hazardous materials, becoming more efficient and improving recycling issues) are achievable but the implementation depends strongly on the commitment of IT managers. (Heidi Korhonen)

Previous explorations: (definition part)

In my opinion, sustainable Computing is a principle that embraces a range of policies, procedures, programs, and attitudes that run the length and breadth of any use of information technologies. Having said that, the primary goal of the sustainable computing is to enable firms to use computing resources more efficiently while maintaining or increasing overall performance

(Odukomaiya Funmilade Tola)

As I mentioned before, I think that without considering the economical, social, psychological, political and technological aspects, sustainability could not be achieved. So, environmental protection should not be the only parameter to define sustainable computing. Rather, a holistic view to all those sectors should be considered with equal importance to environmental protection. From this point of view, sustainable computing will include the following things:

  1. Computing in a greener way
  2. Using computational resource for environmental protection
  3. Modeling and simulating the outcome of environmental, economical, social, psychological, political and technological changes

(Md Anowarul Abedin)

Final Groupwise Definition

Sustainable computing is a strategy of implementation clean energy, energy efficient products and natural resources to reduce the common harmful impact, while using high-technologies, and to satisfy main consumers and environmental needs. At the same time, it means modeling the impacts of different social, economical and environmental changes in order to achieve overall sustainability.

(Summarized by Anastasiia Gusakova on the basis of common discussion, slightly modified by Md Anowarul Abedin)