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 ====== General group planning area ====== ====== General group planning area ======
 +===== Big data presentations =====
 +In the Big Data books' first chapter “Now” (under More, messy, good enough) there is an intro to the contents of the book. There you can find what is included inside, if you haven'​t yet read the whole book and choosing what to present:
 +===== Groupwise definition for Big Data =====
 +  * See: [[courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2015:​killerapps:​bigdatadefinition|Groupwise definition for Big Data]]
 +===== Big Data and innovation =====
 +  * link to wiki page: [[courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2015:​killerapps:​bigdatainnovation|Using Big Data for Innovation]]
 +===== Final Presentation =====
 +  * What we learned from the course?
 +  * Main points especially from the book "The New Killer Apps".
 +    * How to build "​killer apps" in general.
 +    * Killer Apps and Big Data (emerging knowledge), comparing ideas to the Big Data book.
 +    * Critical evaluation of the Killer Apps book.
 +  * Link to the presentation:​ [[https://​​presentation/​d/​1-fwvSyn00HZ7x6GgrLH_oRNoilVeAmA6xiZ_b4oqKLI/​edit#​slide=id.g8f2d2e3bb_033|Final Presentation At Google Docs]]
 +===== Grading presentations and dividing points =====
 +We can use a google spread sheet to divide the points and grade the presentations. Here is a template, in the first sheet we can divide the points.
 +And in the second sheet of the document we can grade the presentations.
 +Fill in the column with your name. Assign points to each student in a line.
 +[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1lL9e6CAoD8a5y6oV6goYMqkea5TBq56O9IrFzlFKj7w/​edit?​usp=sharing|Presentation grades and Points distribution]]