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Task 1 1. Green IT is the study and practices of using computers and IT related products in a more efficient way in order to be environmentally friendly. It undertakes life cycle of computers and computer related products that is from manufacturing to disposal that should not harm our environment. Manufacturing computers and related products make use of natural resources, after manufacturing it also requires power to run these products which is again using one of the sources of natural resources, at the end after completing its life cycle it needs to be dispose off in an efficient way that should not harm our environment. The studies of Green IT takes in consideration all these activities, investigates and finds a more environmentally friendly way to deal them. The website which I have found provides all the relevant information regarding Green IT and sustainability which is relevant to this course. It describes Green IT, Its importance and needs for environment. There are very useful tips regarding how to be environmental friendly in using computers in daily life. These tips are one of the paths to go green and save green. For instance, eliminating paper printing, refilling toner cartridges, reducing power consumption and recycling old equipment. Furthermore, the website also gave some examples of companies who have taken initiatives to go green for example HP green up, energy the environment and IBM. Link to the website (

2. The article “Environmental responsibility and green IT: An institutional perspective” (2009) written by T Butler and M Daly also sheds some light on importance of Green It from two perspective one from business point of view to reduce the overall cost and second environmental point of view to save our environment to show environmental responsibility. It states why Green IT has drawn attention of today’s business managers and why are they increasingly attracted towards the application of Green IT in their business . In my point of view this article is relevant to this course because it shows principles of Green IT is not only our social responsibility but also one of reducing overall cost.

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3. In this video there are shown three (as an example) sustainable businesses providing green IT solutions. The companies are Insight systems exchange to refurbish IT equipment, Internap, and Isidore (electronic recycling). These businesses are good examples for the course Green IT. (

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