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Search and select three (3) documents (web pages, articles, videos, …) of the topic of your course (Data & Privacy in Critical thinking and Sustainability in Green IT course) and explain why those documents are relevant for the course.

1: Lomas, N. 8.2.2015. Today In Creepy Privacy Policies, Samsung’s Eavesdropping TV. TechCrunch. [Online] Available: With techonology constantly evolving we have to consider privacy issues which come from new features. This article revolves around the new features in televisions and voice control. There are concerns whether the private information and private spoken information leaking to third parties. Samsung itself is warning users to not speak sensitive information in front of a TV with certain features turned on.

2: Wilson, M. Sep. 2015. Accepting Microsoft's Windows 10 privacy stance at face value is sheer folly. Betanews. [Online] Available: In this article writer questions Microsoft's decision to not let home users to completely disable telemetry in Windows 10, while giving Enterprise customers ability to do so. Why should home users be treated differently in terms of privacy and data collection.

3: Lomas, N. 22.02.2105. Metadata retention: 'Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear', says Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Tim Morris. Digital Life, The Sydney Morning Herald. [Online] Available: This article talks about using metadata for counter-terrorism and how people with nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Yet this means privacy is highly at risk here.