Critical thinking 2: Liars and Outliers

  • Lecturer: Prof. Jari Porras
  • Assistant: nn


Seminar days

Dates in noppa: “Groupwise discussions”

Day 1 - 17.3 Thu 12:00-16:00 2411

Book: Nothing to Hide (whole book)

Presenters (students should add these here)

  • Chapter 1 (Kurosh?),
  • Chapters 2 & 3, Artem Khvatov
  • Chapters 4 & 5, Nikita Vlasov
  • Chapters 6 & 7,
  • Chapters 8 & 9,
  • Chapters 10 & 11, Naeem-Ahmad, Sattar
  • Chapters 12 & 13,
  • Chapters 14 & 15, Kimmo Bordi, critical1_slides_kb.pdf
  • Chapters 16 & 17,
  • Chapters 18 & 19, Juha Suomela slides
  • Chapters 20 & 21, Jari Kauppila critical_thinking_20-21_0372126.pdf

Day 2 - 14.4. 08:00 - 12:00/2411

Book: Liars and outliers

  • Part I and II


Day 3 - 21.4. 12:00 - 16:00/2411

Book: Liars and outliers

  • Part III and IV



Personal homeworks

  • Create your own wiki page
  • Search and select three (3) documents (web pages, articles, videos, …) of the topic of your course (Data & Privacy in Critical thinking and Sustainability in Green IT course) and explain why those documents are relevant for the course.
  • Find out information gathered of you in one physical and one digital service. What is collected, how it is used, who is using that etc. Deadline 2nd discussions.
  • Society vs. individual. Select one community/society/group where you belong and reflect the societal pressures from society and individual perspectives. Point here is to analyze you perception of these pressures to both directions. Deadline: final presentations.

Group homeworks

  • Design and implement a survey on how many people really read the terms of usage of the services they use. Try to get at least 50 answers to those selected services.
  • Deadline the final presentations.

Final works

  • Provide your coursera course diploma to the lecturer
  • Create 4 exam questions representing the course contents. Explain why the question is good.
  • Grade the presentations
  • Answer to the course questionnaire
  • As a group prepare the final presentation of your group to the final presentation
  • Divide x*10 points among course participant (x=number of people in the course): pointchart_group2.pdf

Extra work for people who missed lectures

  • If you missed lectures you need to provide short reviews (1/2 page each) of all those chapters we went through that lecture time. Note that you should always inform lecturer beforehand if you could not attend. Only one missing is allowed and the next time the course is over (as discussions and presentations are used for course evaluation)
  • In first seminars we only covered sections 1-7

Groupwise working area

General group planning area

Preliminary survey questionnare on the topic of agreemant scanning before confirmation or signing. Please, add questions that you feel will help to gather all the necessary information.

I think the survey should be run at Monday's evening (18.4) at latest so we could have enough information for analysis before class on Thursday (21.4). Please, find time to add your qurstions before that time.

It would be better to conduct this survey on-line via for example.

The form of the survey

Hello there!! It happens that we have to deal in our life with different sorts of agreements with long-long texts in it.But who knows what can be written in these long texts? This survey is aimed to allocate the info about how carefully people read the agreement thay are to sign or confirm. Please answer following questions.

  1. Your gender
  • male
  • female
  1. Your age
  • <18
  • 18-25
  • 25-30
  • <30
  1. What country are you from
  • write your country
  1. How often do you sign or confirm agreements
  • 2 times a month
  • more than 2 times a month
  • less than 2 times a moth
  1. Do you always read the agreement to the end
  • yes
  • no
  1. If you said yes in question 5, please, choose what makes you do this
  • I feel that I could be deceived
  • I love to read
  • I know that there are a lot of 'if and buts' in agreement
  1. If you answered no in question 5, please, choose what makes you do this
  • I trust the other side
  • I have no time to read the whole paper

Thank you for your time!!

The survey

Hey, I (Artem) created survey for this on google forms. I did it based on questions Nikita provided, but we can edit it further if you wish.

Link to the survey:

Link to the results:

Update: I did some changes to last two questions, because they were a bit confusing. Now instead of scale 0-10 there is multiple choice question yes/somewhat/no.