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Definition of Green IT

According to Bill Tomlinson, Green IT brings together these two areas, environmental issues and IT, and explores the ways in which they connect to each other. In particular, it examines the opportunities for IT to address issues related to the global ecosystem.

Externally, Green IT can have an effect on areas from eco¬nomics to ecological monitoring to the details of people’s everyday lifestyles Internally, Green IT can help reduce the impact of e-waste, enable sustainable interaction design and decrease energy consumption by computational systems.

The goal of Green IT is to help people make a difference, and change our world to be more in accord with the way we would like it to be. By helping people and organizations discover approaches to changing our world and working together to accomplish sustainable goals, Green IT is enabling a certain part of human consciousness that looks out for others, looks out for animals and plants, and in the long run looks out for our children and ourselves.

Making the negative environmental impact of IT production, use, and disposal, has been termed Green IT. ( P. Berthon, B. Donnellan )

The positive impact of using Information Systems (IS) to improve the eco-sustainability of businesses and society is termed Green IS. ( A. Chen, M. Boudreau, R. Watson )

My Definition of Green IT

When we are talking about Green IT, it means that we want to use more advanced standards in computer industry, which are used not only in production life-cycle but also help to reduce a huge amount of environmental pollution.

In addition to environmental benefits that Green IT causes, lots of economy benefits will also emerge for the organizations. Adopting Green IT, energy consumption will be reduced through using some technologies, and as the result, the CO2 emissions will be remarkably decreased. IT systems can play a role in enabling organizations to measure and report those emissions.

There are lots of actions that individuals and organizations can take towards a more sustainable future.

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