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(5) Sources relevant to the course

Before getting involved with the concepts that will be discussed through this course, it is important to understand were did they come from.

At first, it is important to understand the magnitud of the problem and that should be done by understanding what are the current concerns about climate change. (1) The Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report by IPCC, provides important data about concerns regarding climate changed and its effects. In the same way, (2) Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity by Johan Rockström, gives an interesting approach about how humans activities are exceeding the environmental limits of the planet.

Then, some basic concepts related to sustainability should be understood. (3) Our Common Future by WCED, provides the official concept of sustainable development.

At last, it should be understood how information and communication technology may help fight against climate change. (4) Smart 2020: Enabling the Low carbon economy in the information age by GeSI, presents the influence of information and communication technology in the fight against climate change, not only in the sector itself but in the applications in other more problematic sectors. (5) Green IT: The New Industry Shock Wave by Gartner, addresses the role of information technology industries within the green sector.

By reading this proposed sources, it could be gained a comprehensive introduction to the topics addressed in the course.

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As a replacement of Coursera course, Philosophy and Critical Thinking by edX, however diploma will not be presented since it has a cost, course grades will be presented instead. (ongoing)