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Greening through IT

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Articles Selected

1. https://mitpress.mit.edu/sites/default/files/titles/content/9780262013932_sch_0001.pdf

This article will give me the basic understanding Green IT

This article is basically the book we have gone through in our course. Hence I have selected another web page (No 4).

2. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1216/paper8.pdf

This article will help me implement Green IT concepts in Software System Development

In this article the author has demonstrated through a case (Car Sharing System) how sustainability can be integrated into software systems by a systematic requirement engineering process. Sustainability was described in five dimensions such as Individual Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Technical Sustainability. These sustainability dimensions have been mapped to requirement content items, sustainability conflicts with requirements, cost modelling for the system, legal constraints, risk management and environmental sustainability. It has been concluded that software engineering for sustainability requires three things such as mindset of awareness by the business analysts and developers, a guideline how to integrate sustainability, and creative confidence. However, achieving sustainability through software system fully depends on the economic environment for which the software is developed. The discretion of embedding sustainability objectives in the software system fully lies with the customers, who will be bearing the additional costs. Government policies can play a significant role in this.

3. http://www.drpingwang.com/doc/Davidson_2011.pdf

This article will help me to understand the relationship between Green IT and Innovation.

In this paper the authors suggest discursive processes that underlie movement for Green IT will help stakeholders who are engaged in developing or promoting innovations to plan and execute effective actions. A relation between Social Construction of Technology (SCOT), which consists of three areas of sociological theory such as computerization movement, organizing visions, and collective actions, and Green IT are highlighted. SCOT theories presume that technologies do not determine human action, but instead, they are designed artefacts of human agency and thus are shaped by (and shape) social, political and discursive processes.

Computerization movement refers to the computer based systems as instrument to bring about a new social order collaborating participants with diverse interests. Organizing vision comprises technologies and their integration to address acknowledged business problems. Collective actions are the macro level focus for the solutions. Green IT is a socio technical phenomenon hence such theoretical framework is necessary to work with IT solutions which are supposed to be environmentally sustainable.

4. http://www.greenit.net/

This website I have found which provides design, consulting services and customized education for any organization planning to integrate sustainability goals in their IT systems. Some of the areas the services are provided are, IT System design, IT Infrastructure System Design, Integrated Facilities Design, Business Process and System Design, Eco-Footprint Assessment, Eco-Innovation Planning & Project Management, Environmental Preferable Purchasing for IT Systems, and Sustainable IT Education Programs.

Studying IT sustainability in an academic environment from theoretical perspective is good which guides our upcoming actions in software engineering, but converting those theories in practical application requires an alignment with the objectives of the organization we will be working for. Misalignment of such objectives never downgrade the requirement of IT sustainability in any way, and the organizations which have much more control on environmental sustainability requires reference cases based on the theories. This website can be a great reference for those organizations.



1 Mar 2016

  • Started to read book “Greening Through IT”
  • Selected chapter - 8: Green IT and Collective Action

14 Jan 2016

  • Just started to read the Computing Research for Sustainability book


  • I am waiting for the coursera course, don't know when it will be started
  • Greening through IT: Information Technology for Environmental Sustainability – book is not available in the library