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Article 1: White Paper Green ICT (The Greening of Business)

My Reflection of the Article

The article talks about the role of IT in business. It also talks about the influence of IT on individuals. The authors tried to draw attention towards the fact that- increasing use of IT is also causing a vast environment pollution.If IT continues to grow in current manner it can fore harmful than beneficial for human civilisations. Overall it was a very good article, some of the points had in-depth discussions.

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Article 2: Green ICT Readiness Model for Developing Economies: Case of Kenya

My Reflection of the Article

This article above gives a good overview of developing countries, that how to develop a Green ICT readiness model. As their part of experiment they choose Kenya. Though the experiments were done over Kenya, it can also be implemented in other developing countries. The model gives a moderate view towards green economy.


3.Video : Green Industry Innovation Estonia: Geir Jacobsen - Green ICT in Norway


About the Video The aim of the seminar was to launch Green Industry Innovation Programme in Estonia. Programme focuses on Green ICT within Energy Management Systems, Transport & Logistics, Production & Trade and E-health. Programme is operated by Estonian Ministy of Economic Affairs and Communications, implementing agency is Enterprise Estonia and the donor programme partner is Innovation Norway. Programme is financed by Norwgian Financing Mechanism (Norway Grants).

My Carbon Footprint Calculation: carbonfootprint_mustaqim.pdf

I evaluated my annual carbon footprint. It turn out that I produce more CO2 than what I should. But it was based on the activities I did last year. One of the main reasons for my bizarre outcome is that I have been travelling a lot recently. Otherwise everything else was in right order. Nevertheless it was a good way to determine my current carbon status and it will help me to followup my activities for further improvement towards sustainable lifestyle.


Replacement of Coursera Course

In replacement of the coursera course I want to propose Course Result:

Exam Questions

1. What is the most efficient way to create social awareness towards environmental sustainability? I found this question very interesting because there can be a dispute between media and government approaches. Answer to this question is open ended and the answer can also vary for people from different region.

2. What are the millennium development goals of UN? Un proposed 8 millennium goals for development. I think it is a very important topic to read and keep in mind.

3. What individual measures should be taken to achieve environmental sustainability? Sustainability is still far from achieving. We all must take some necessary individual measures to achieve environmental sustainability.

4. How can government influence the sustainability awareness campaign? Government always play a vital role in any mega movements. Sustainability is the call of the hour. It is very important for governments to draw a roadmap to save the planet for the next generations.

Extra Work