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3 documents related to Green IT:

1) CGI company - Emerging trends in Green IT. This paper describes an importance of Green IT from business sides, presenting various numbers and possible solutions.

2) Green IT: Going Green—Does Your Company Care? This article briefly describes the concept of Green IT and gives hints and milestones of how to integrate Green IT into own company.

3) Green IT: Energy efficiency at work The webpage briefly tells about experience of Deutsche Bank concerning implementing the concept of Green IT into banking industry.

Coursera course:

I have decided to work on the proposed course of EDX: UQx: META101x Philosophy and Critical Thinking

My results:

4 exam questions: My 4 exam questions and their justification may be found in the pdf attached. davtyan_exam_questions.pdf

Carbon footprint report: My personal carbon footprint report may be found in the pdf attached. davtyan_footprint_report.pdf