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  • International Journal of Green Computing. Greening through information technology by Bill Tomlinson Privacy Fanatic by Ms Smith.

The above documents are relevant in my opinion for the course because cumulatively, they helped me understand some basic background of the relation between the key issues in the course.


The above link to the youtube video is my true definition of what sustainability means. I do not personally agree with the current definition of sustainability being discussed in class, to me, we aren't really aiming at sustainability but rather a better system of management of our already destructive ways of existence.

Assignment 2

I do believe the next generation can have a better chance at better managing resources sustainably if we teach them at an early stage. In order to achieve this, children right from early education from school in primary levels should be engaged in learning advantages of living a sustainable live.My perspective is taken from my African background. This can include the following;

school community projects where students are taught our their communities can help in building a sustainable vision, in terms of waste separation practices, which is not a common thing in my country. This leads to poor waste management at the national level. As i have learned from Finland, sorting out waste is a simple but effective way of protecting our environment from harmful non-degradable material polluting our soils. This can also be encouraged to be extended to their houses, where majority of the waste is generated.

Pride in recycling Because of the influence of the western media, old habits of reusing clothes and other old but useful accessories have been associated with poverty. This mentality should be changed in the minds of children. Africans for centuries have learnt not to be excessive or wasteful, this should be taught and linked to living a sustainable way to help our planet.

Consuming local produce teaching students the economic, social and environmental benefits to consuming local produce is important in Africa's journey to sustainability. most African's abandon their local produce, to foreign brands, which leads to increasing of carbon footprints and weakening and wastage of local resources.

I believe the above three points make a good point to educate future generations on the concept of sustainability, especially within the Ghanaian context