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I found the following research papers and articles that are related to Green computing:

1. Sustainable IT Services: Assessing the Impact of Green Computing Practices

This article was downloaded from IEEE. It deals with the factors motivating the adoption of Green Computing and other various aspects of energy optimization and efficient computing like Virtualization,Cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, Iaas) etc


2. Technology with Environment in mind

This is a collection of articles published by Intel, which incorporates articles like Data Center Power Management, Sustainable Living and Green computing etc.


3. How environmentally sustainable is cloud storage

This article deals with the virtues of how sustainable cloud computing is and how is it useful to save energy, time, money and also reduction of carbon emission.

Most Inspirational Person in Sustainability:


Edx Course for Philosophy and Critical Thinking:

Individual assignment: 4 Questions for Exam :

1. Is it necessary to destroy environment to “develop” ? If no, how can these two processes be decoupled ? Any examples? 2. How important is it to include sustainability as part of curriculum in schools ? What can you do from your side to contribute? 3. Which one do you think will be effective: bottom to top or top to bottom approach for sustainability ? Why ? 4. How can we as technocrats impact the idea of sustainability?

Individual Assignment: Teaching sustainability

I could not find anything being taught as part of curriculum in Nepal with the heading Sustainability. I had a course called Environment, Population and Health which is in a way related to sustainability. I found a lady who is teaching sustainability and also is active in Nepal. Below is the link: