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Online course: Philosophy and Critical Thinking

Books : Computing research for sustainability and Sustainability: A history

Personal homework 1: Data and privacy in Critical Thinking and Sustainability in Green IT

Securing data thus information of an individual or organization means governing what specific information an organization or individual will share or make available to third parties.

The 3 documents i found interesting relating to data and privacy are listed and explained below: 1.Davey, A. 2014, It's time to fight for your Privacy, Hearst Magazines, a Division of Hearst Communications, Inc, New York. Available through LUT Database Available at :<> (Accessed 26.01.2015):

This article talks about the need for a user to practice browser hygiene (example is by clearing one’s cookies and/or cache which this can be a factor for sustainability in IT. It also talks about how exposed people’s data are by stating the fact that tech firms and the US government can monitor one’s browsing trails. Additionally, it suggests certain software such as the disconnect add-on which helps the user prevent the sharing of his data with invisible trackers.

2.Garry, M. 2012, “Data Deluge Creates Privacy Issues”, Supermarket News,. Available through LUT Database Available at :<> (Accessed 26.01.2015):

This article talked about about data privacy issues where an example was given about a dissatisfied user of the app, Foursquare who had complaints concerning the giving out of information such as personal information out without permission. This is a common issue especially relating to users who mostly buy things from the internet where companies share their information to others and they start receiving ads from other sites and online stores. This is a problem because some sites do not seek permission from its users before sharing such info such as facebook account name and etc.

3. Bit9 + Carbon Black, 2014. ``10 Ways to prevent your company from a Data Breach.`` (YouTube video). Available at :<> (Accessed 26.01.2015):

The video talks about the existence of data breach in retailing shops by example cyber criminals where their customers are at risk since information of them such as their credit and debit cards altered hence the urgent need to provide measures to curtail this issue. The video presents 10 ways a company can avoid such crises. Preventive measures like minimizing stored customer data and developing strategies to close any opportunities for cyber criminals to gain access to a company’s info.

In conclusion these documents identify the existence of data privacy issues and possible recommendations companies and individuals should take hence important for this course since it is essential to ensure sustainability in IT.

Preparation for 1st seminar- book1 The following are additional reading materials i came across online which also talks about same issues stated in the book

1. This report talks about sustainability challenges such as food, water and energy and the need for expanding research on such sectors, developed structures. The report states that sustaining food system involves measures of preventing food wastage and this involves changes in the food chain such as production and storage. I think Information Technology can also be used here since it provides information hence monitoring which can help prevent food wastage.

``World Economic and Social Survey 2013:Sustainable Development Challenges.`` Department of Economic and Social Affairs

2. This site talks about the fact that there are other essential areas of sustainability challenges facing the world aside the most known challenges which are climate issues and waste management

Preparation for 2nd seminar- sustainability: a history (bk 2, chp 1- 4)

The following are additional reading materials i came across online which also talks about same issues stated in the book

1. ``Why Sustainability Requires More Than Technological Advances.``This report talks about the irony of technology used to solve sustainable issues. The development of a system or product to solve a problem creates a problem also to the environment.

Available at:

Comment: The concept of sustainability in the 21st century is more known as compared to the 17th and 18th century. However, i think on an average, people have a narrow view and understanding of what it means to leave a sustainable life. Most people think its just practicing recycling, concern with the harmful emissions exposed to the environment or putting the lights in a room off when its not needed. Sustainability problems arises from other areas such as growth or development whereby people tend to have more hence demand more and as a result causes an increase in production which can over-utilize the environment and its resources. The book posed a question as to if its advisable to go back to our old ways. I think not because a lot has happened between the pre industrialized and post industrialized revolution going back will rather destroy country's economy. From the 17th century to now, they has been a drastic increase in population hence the world needs to keep producing more to feed its people. I think, the advancement of technology and radical innovation should rather be put on hold. Then we concentrate on improving what already exists by making it environmental friendly and not increase its performance.

Task after 2nd Seminar: A visionary person that have affected my perspective to sustainable development

Alex Steffen: He is an award winning writer and a speaker. He is one of the leading voices on sustainability and the future nature of the planet. He has been very vibrant in giving his ideas and suggestions about sustainability such as giving advices to some famous institutions, investors, philanthropists and NGOs. His books mostly focus on technologies and polies that can help transform various areas of the environment in respect to sustainability. An example is his book Carbon Zero: Imagining cities that can save the planet . This book presents designs and policies that will be essential to transforming cities into low-carbon engines of prosperity. Additionally has worked in newspapers and radio talking about planetery change.

He has held lots of conferences defining what sustainability and giving simplier discription of how the world might bein future. He does not focus on specific sectors to be sustained such as climate but centers on various areas such as transportation, landcity development and building construction

In contributing to sustainable development, he continuous to be active in help save the planet from future distraction through his books and events he organizes and this shows how passionate he is about the planet and gives me the zeal to also talk to my friends about sustainable issues as a form of contributing in my own little way

Preparation for 3rd seminar: bk2 chp5-7 As compared to a decade ago, actions towards sustainability has been ongoing but how fast it is becomes the question. I think a lot of people are well educatted as how to live a sustainable life but the problem becomes the willingness to actually indulge it in their lifestyle and stick to it is an essential element that delays sustainability implementation. Sustainability is being implemented in every aspect of life activities such as businesses as a product and service, food etc. This shows the increasing awareness of the concept. Currently, there are sustainable cities and buildings being developed but how many people can afford to purchase or rent such buildings; organic foods are more expensive in shops. This is understandable but however thise who have more than enough to spend might be able to utilize such buildings therefore can we conclude that implementing and adopting sustainability in our lifestyle is expensive thus sustainability is expensive to implement

Individual task after 3rd seminar Find good examples of sustainability education (courses,projects, etc.) and reflect what can be used and how they could be utilized

  • Sustainability: Principles and Practice- Its an online course which is aimed for professionals/entrepreneurs. The content looks intensive since it includes emphasizing on all the indicators of sustainability and make use of practical sustainability applications from various fields. The content looks very packed and informative, however, the fees to enroll is 3000dollas which might not be accessible to all entrepreneurs because of its expensive nature thusshould be taken into consideration.
  • ASU School of sustainability: A department of Arizona State University which contains a full package of sustainability concept. That is from its meaning to challenges then one completes with a practical assignment in the form of an internship, research etc. This will give students vivid and full understanding of the concept and identify loopholes which needs to be improved upon.The practical aspect of the program should be more intensified to improve the understanding of students and help them identify their field of interest they want to contribute to sustainable development

Possible exams questions

  • What are the importance of adopting IT and Computer science to sustainability? Give an example of systems/infrastructure that can use IT

Identifying a problem and finding the essence of a particular system as a solution opens a persons mind and knowledge about the need of such system and an interest to further gain knowledge about such a system/solution.

  • Explain some of the tools that can help individuals and companies engage in sustainable behaviour.

If a person truely understand such tools and how it can be applied he can adopt such tools in his lifestyle or future businesses to contribute to sustainability.

  • Identify the trend in agricultural practices and methods of production from the 1960's to now.

A person can have an idea of what existed pre industralized era and post industrial era, identify the differences between the time periods and can reflect on the things that have gone wrong

  • What are some of the actions that can be taken to help control the predicted 10 chaallenges of the future that was stated in book 2?

Students, based on the future challenges can think and come out with possible actions that can be taken now to reduce the harm on the environment in future