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Four Exam Questions

1. Can IT play a vital role toward Green movement? Justify your answer with logical flow of explanation. (After completing the Green IT course student should have a basic idea about the role of IT for sustainability issues. First studied book discussed different aspects of it)

2. What are the main roots of sustainability? Which one is the most important root and why you consider it so? Do you consider any other aspect of a tree representing sustainability? ( It will reflect the students' idea about the main two roots of sustainability discussed in the second book. Besides it will give an opportunity if the students have constructive free thinking on it)

3. What do you understand about SI? Discuss the strength and weakness of MSI and AMOEBA approaches. (Students should have the knowledge about the measurement of sustainability indicators)

4. ‘Being green’ is a global challenge where materialistic world and nature have conflicts in many issues. Can you identify one major problem and possible solutions to deal with this circumstance? Please explain your thoughts. ( It will give an opportunity to evaluate students' views after completion of the course. There are many prime issues like how to educate people about sustainability, how to establish balance between developed and underdeveloped/undeveloped countries, how to make a balance between economical growth and environmental protection and so on. Student can think about any of the major problems and also about solutions.)

Above questions cover theoretical aspects from materials and also give an opportunity to evaluate the students about their realization in different field of sustainability. Student should have the capability to answer few theoretical questions to prove that they have done some study which was provided as references. Furthermore, they should have the ability to present and discuss arguments reflecting critical thinking power.

Edx Course Result:

Homeworks - Ahmed Imtiaz

Individual Task after 3rd Seminar

Group Work: Amoeba Approach in perspective of Bangladesh

Group Members: Imtiaz Ahmed and Masudul Haque Talukdar


Individual task after first seminar: Design a new “sustainability movement”

1. Wasting energy and natural resources such using electricity, gas, water and so on should be minimized.

2. Toxic material and materials which are not rotten easily such as, plastic and so on should be used less and carefully.

3. Separation of different waste in different sections such as glass, plastic, papers, bio,metals, chemicals is important for waste management processing.

4. Leaders and local authorities should encourage people to use bicycle or public transportation instead of own vehicle.

5. Use of waste materials to generate energy or to use in different purposes should be invented/practiced.

6. Deforestation should be strictly controlled based on locality.

7. Population growth should be controlled by rising awareness.

8. Government should not be involved to support unsustainable business. The following news can give a feel of what can be a situation in a developing country like Bangladesh.

First task: (Pre-task)

Three articles

Green Computing - New Horizon of Energy Efficiency and E-Waste Minimization – World Perspective vis-à-vis Indian Scenario

Cloud Load Balancing Techniques : A Step Towards Green Computing

Green High Performance Computing

All of the above three articles are related to green computing so as sustainability. It will help to increase knowledge in different aspects of sustainable/green computing. ( A conference on green computing)

Video link

A wonderful speech on sustainability by the prime minister of Bhutan