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Task 1 - Articles relevant to Green IT:

“Green IT Trends: How the Computer Industry Is Saving Energy”:

Article presents ideas to make computing and manufacture processes more environmentally sustainable. It gives ideas such as usage of new materials (ex. graphene), locating databases in places, where outside air can be used to reduce the energy spent on cooling the equipment or making strategies, such as upgrading equipment for reuse, which can be more efficient than recycling.

“Explaining Green Computing”:

Video presenting impact of computing on the environment, examples of solutions to reduce energy and resources consumption .

“Energy-aware Internet routing coming soon”:

Article shows idea of algorithm, created by MIT researchers, which manages cost and usage of electricity in huge companies. Algorithm focuses on routing Internet traffic to data centers, where electricity is less expensive and more “eco-friendly” strategies can be developed. At the end it shows another example of use of sensors and other modernizations used to balance the usage of energy.

I have also completed the survey.