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 ==== Individual task after the third seminar ==== ==== Individual task after the third seminar ====
 +For the purpose of this exercise I decided to create radar diagram for theoretical house resources management. Indicators depend on three pillars:
 +** 1) Environmental Pillar Indicators: ** Waste management, electricity usage, water usage, heating management.
 +** 2) Economic Pillar Indicators: ** Profits, infrastructure.
 +** 3) Social Pillar Indicators: ** Satisfaction of residents.
 +Easiest way to achieve above goals is to implement '​Smart-House'​ system. Moreover it is important to educate the residents about the necessity of the sustainability and how huge impact on environment have their actions.
 ==== Questions after course ==== ==== Questions after course ====
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 +** 3) What are main differences between '​blueprint'​ and '​adaptive'​ project approaches? ** - '​Blueprint'​ approach tends to be reductionist,​ while '​adaptive'​ is more holistic. '​Adaptive'​ approach can be compared to ongoing transformational process, where feedback is considered at every stage of project. Traditional approach tends to just convert inputs into outputs, while '​adaptive'​ one focuses more on realization of project objectives.
 +** 4) What is the purpose of finding reference-point while creating Sustainability Indicator? ** - Finding such state of equilibrium is necessary to properly measure considered factors, while crating SI. It can be point, in which impact of humans on environment was significantly smaller. Such point can shows us, if we are going in the right direction, while implementing sustainability.