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Result Philosophy Course

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Also to complement this course there is also a youtube channel treating the topics from this course, the link is the following one:

Homework 1: 5 Papers Or web Pages recommended to the course

Task Missing lecture 1

Sustainability Movement


The following example for the Develop sustainability indicator model for the countries of Ecuador, Lebanon and brasil focusing on the 3 pillars as shown in the group section

Task Missing lecture 3

Individual Indicators task


Which sustainability indicators do you consider a business should take account?

With this question the student would analyze the indicators that would fit in to a business perspective.

Do you think that by measuring sustainability in a business, would change the way the business perform its work?

Makes the student consider the business perspective whether the sustainability should be part or not from business

Explain which sustainability indicators are the most useful? and why?

The book explains several indicators, but the student thinks for himself which one should be more useful

Elaborate and consider which indicators should be use to improve sustainability in your own country

This question would make students appeal to their own countries and think how to improve their homelands