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Julius Hytti

Green IT3: Sustainability Indicators

Here are some articles that I found about Green IT:

  • short article about the basics of green IT. (requires LUT access)

  • The authors, Harmon & Auseklis list here the factors that drive the adoption on green it:

1. growth of the internet, 2. increasing equipment power density, 3. increasing cooling requirements, 4. increasing energy costs, 5. restrictions on energy supply and access, 6. low server utilization rates, 7. growing awareness of IT's impact on the environment

  • Some strategies on reducing the impact on environment:

1. data center infrastructure, 2. power and workload management, 3. thermal load management, 4. product design, 5. virtualization, 6. cloud computing and cloud services

Hoover, J. 2008. 10 Ideas to Power up Your Green IT Agenda, Information week, issue 1203.

  • interesting short article with 10 facts on green IT

I succesfully took the survey that was linked in Noppa page.