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Search and select three (3) documents (web pages, articles, videos, …) of the topic of your course (Data & Privacy in Critical thinking and Sustainability in Green IT course) and explain why those documents are relevant for the course.

The edge in Amsterdam is an excellent example on how different discipline in the IT and CS are combined to build better cities.

Green Lights Forever: Analyzing the Security of Traffic Infrastructure

Toward a framework for Smart Cities: A Comparison of Seoul, San Francisco & Amsterdam

Sustainabilility movement

Taking into account that the world is drowning into waste, I would start a movement where all the waste that is produced, especially plastic, has to be yearly be recycled and made into a new product. The technology and available material

According to World waste clock(World waste facts, 2016) we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste yearly. Based on that i would be wise to stop producing products and create a balance sheet where all the produced and recycled products would be on the same place. Every country would have their own balance sheet and if they won't keep it balance they have to pay a penalty. This could be included in to the import and export part as well, if you import a lot of good, the entity who is responsible for the import action is also responsible for the full life cycle of the product also. The end goal is to produce and make long lasting product and to manage the consuming economies and polluting the world.

World waste facts (2016)

Sustainability indicator model

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